Nurturing the Next Generation of CTE Educators

Chris Bailey’s illustrious career in Career and Technical Education (CTE) spans three decades, beginning as an agricultural education teacher and evolving into his current role as a CTE Leadership Coach for the Southern Regional Education Board. In this capacity, Chris empowers new CTE teachers through the Teaching To Lead program, leveraging his extensive background in CTE education. His multi-faceted experience includes roles as a CTE teacher, career development coordinator, and administrative positions in both elementary and high schools. 


Bridging CTE and Regional Economic Development

With twelve years as a CTE Director in Craven County Schools and Onslow County Schools in North Carolina, Chris’s influence is not just confined to educational settings. His collaborative initiatives with local businesses and manufacturers have led to the creation of numerous CTE programs aimed at increasing student exposure to STEM-related careers, particularly in Eastern North Carolina. His commitment to growing a local workforce through CTE programs aligned with regional economic initiatives has earned him multiple accolades, including the North Carolina CTE Director of the Year in 2019, and the Region II Southeast US CTE Director of the Year in 2020.

Chris’s leadership prowess extends to serving in key roles in the North Carolina Association for Career and Technical Education (NCACTE), including as president of the Administrative Division. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education from North Carolina State University and a Masters of School Administration from East Carolina University. Residing with his family in Onslow County, his wife Beth serves as an Agricultural Education teacher, and their daughter Caitlyn is pursuing Nursing at Western Carolina University.

With a proven track record and a passion for the betterment of CTE, Chris Bailey‘s contributions continue to be an invaluable asset for NCLA-CTE and the broader CTE community.