A Catalyst for Change in Education and Workforce Development

Cindy Mitas Friedemann, Director of Strategic Engagement and Workforce Systems, Public Strategies, has a passion for fostering partnerships that catalyze growth and improvement in education, training, and workforce development sectors. Leveraging her background in Design, Business, and Negotiation, Cindy has become a pioneering career strategist, even before the term became a buzzword on LinkedIn. She utilizes her expertise to aid organizations in amplifying their strengths and crafting robust programs to address future workforce necessities. Cindy’s approach ensures that students and clients are equipped to adeptly navigate changes using the skills and competencies acquired through Career and Technical Education (CTE).

At the helm of Strategic Engagement and Workforce Systems at Public Strategies, Cindy channels her dedication into leading with integrity and foresight. She is deeply invested in enhancing the economic and social impact of various organizations within their local communities. Cindy exemplifies a leadership style that encourages collective intelligence, embodying the ethos of fostering a community of 1000 geniuses rather than being a solitary genius with 1000 followers. This principle has proven effective time and again, as seen in her collaborative efforts with over 50 organizations, where inclusive dialogue paved the way for innovative solutions and forward planning.

A Journey of Dedication and Success

Cindy’s educational journey is both diverse and rich, holding a Bachelor’s degree from William Woods University and a Master’s degree from Oklahoma State University. Her expansive knowledge is further honed by certifications in Negotiation from the prestigious Harvard College of Law. Cindy’s dedication to Vocational Education (CTE) found its roots during her time at Eau Gallie High School, setting the stage for a successful career that merged academic insights with hands-on expertise. 

Her career trajectory, which began with a flourishing stint as a designer in Atlanta, evolved into a role where she forecasted trends for vocational programs at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education. Cindy’s leadership extended to administrative roles at renowned institutions such as Francis Tuttle, Metro Tech, and Moore Norman Tech. Presently, she spearheads teams dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency among families in Oklahoma through expanded CTE partnerships.

Cindy’s influence and commitment are also reflected in her extensive board experience. She has served in various capacities, including as the Immediate Past Chair of NCLA, and holds significant positions in several organizations such as the Insight Schools of Oklahoma, Creative Oklahoma, and the Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County. Her past roles include leadership stints at the Oklahoma Venture Forum, United for Libraries, and the Metro Tech Foundation, to name a few, showcasing her steadfast dedication to fostering community growth and development.