Rachael Mann: Pioneering Career and Technical Education with a Focus on AI

Rachael Mann is a national authority on career and technical education and champions forward-thinking in artificial intelligence and the changing landscape of work. Rachael is a frequent keynote speaker at education and workforce development events, and she speaks and writes about disruptive technology, education, and careers. She is the author of Pack Your Bags for an AI-Driven Future, The CTSO Competition Companion, the children’s books The Things You’ll Grow and The Spaces You’ll Go, and co-author of The Martians in Your Classroom. She is passionate about all things related to education, technology, and science. She believes in the importance of shaping today’s educational philosophies and spaces by looking toward tomorrow’s innovations.

The Multifaceted Career of Rachael Mann: Education, Leadership, and Innovation

Rachael holds an MA in educational leadership and has 14 years of classroom teaching experience in a range of subjects, including child development, science, technology, and culinary courses. Ms. Mann’s experience includes her work as the Network to Transform Teaching State Director, the Professional Learning Director of STEM, and the Arizona State Director for Educators Rising. She is a founding member of the Council on the Future of Education and has served on numerous national and state boards dedicated to ensuring that kids are future-ready. She lives in Hershey, PA and enjoys tennis, hiking, good eats, and traveling. From professional growth to motivational talks to workshops, Rachael loves to inspire audiences to think bigger and dream beyond. Connect with Rachael on social media @RachaelEdu to learn more about her work.