From ER Nurse to CTE Leadership

With a diverse and rich background spanning from ER nursing to welding and machining, Sharon Gordon-Moffett stands as an embodiment of versatility and dedication in the realm of Career and Technical Education (CTE). Now serving as the Associate Dean in the School of Applied Technologies at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), her journey symbolizes the transformative power of CTE. Her commitment to SERVICE and CTE is evident through her continuous efforts to uphold CNM’s vision of “Changing Lives and Building Community.”


Building Bridges through Strengths-Based Leadership

Sharon’s leadership style is rooted in recognizing and leveraging individual strengths, a philosophy that she believes is instrumental in fostering lasting partnerships and relationships. This strengths-based approach, combined with her academic achievements in Metals Technology, Organizational Psychology, and Organizational Leadership, makes her an invaluable asset to NCLA-CTE. Residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her retired firefighter husband, Jim, Sharon cherishes her family, taking immense pride in her son Seth and granddaughter Ayla. As the Past President of NCLA-CTE, her contributions continue to drive forward the mission of enhancing and promoting CTE on a national scale.